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How does pricing work?

For more information on our pricing and plans, see this article How Pricing and Billing Work.

How do I access my pricing, billing, and invoices?

You can access this information via the customer billing portal.

What payment methods are accepted?

I missed a payment or had a credit card expire. Now what?

What is a data pipeline?

A data pipeline reflects a connection from a specific source resource to a target destination. For example, you have two Facebook pages to collect insights data from and deliver to BigQuery. Each page would reflect a unique resource, equal to two data pipelines, one for each page ID.

Another example is Amazon Advertising. If you have 10 Amazon Advertising profiles that you want to deliver to Redshift, this would equal 10 data pipelines, one for each Amazon Advertising profile ID.

How do payments work?

Once a plan is selected, you pay Openbridge the applicable plan charges described in an Order Form. In the event you want to upgrade to a different plan, Openbridge prorates the remainder of the current plan with the charges of the new plan. The difference between the current cost and the prorated amount is identified on the Order form. Unless detailed otherwise, all fees are non-cancelable and non-refundable.

When will I be charged?

We offer a 30-day, no credit card required, free trial. You are not asked for a credit card before you start your trial, nor will you be charged during the trial. There are no charges unless you decide to order the service at the end of your trial. During this time, you have access to either standard and premium data integrations or destinations according to your selected plan. Before the end of the 30-day trial, you must switch to a paid plan to continue service. If you do not proceed with a paid plan, any integrations you set up are paused. The data we collect and delivered remain in your data lake or warehouse.

Enterprise customers get invoiced according to an agreed-upon billing schedule as outlined in your Enterprise Agreement.

How do I get a price estimate?

We believe in making pricing transparent and straightforward. Most plans detail our offering. If you are interested in a customized plan estimate, reach out to our data experts. Our Team reviews your requirements and provides you with the appropriate estimate based on your situation.

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