Connections between Openbridge and your data source or data destination require authorization. Authorized access to your accounts becomes disconnected from time to time. These authorizations can expire for several reasons, including password changes, accounts getting locked, user access removal, and lifespans of an access token. 

While this can be frustrating, it's good to keep in mind that this is normal behavior and is usually the result of a change to keep your account safe and secure.

When authorizations expire, you need to reconnect and authorize us again. Openbridge will send "Authorization Failure" notifications via email when we detect that your account authorization is not working. 

IMPORTANT: In the event, Openbridge loses authorization to a data source or a data destination (where we deliver data), it is possible data may be adversely impacted. For example, if authorization is lost to Facebook for 3 days, there may be gaps in your data when reauthorizing on day 4. While we attempt to mitigate negative impacts from lost authorizations, there is a risk of data gaps. 

As a result, once a notification is sent we suggest taking immediate action to ensure data continues to flow.

Example Use Cases

Regardless of the data source or destination,  authorizations do expire and need reauthorization. The following are typical use cases that can trigger a reauthorization notification;

  • Username or password changed: Changing your username or password results in the data source removing access to your account because the original credentials that were used to authenticate the account no longer exist. 

  • Access has been revoked: Each data source lists third-party apps granted authorization to access your account. When the Openbridge app access is revoked, this results in the loss of authorization.  Once authorization is lost, access is blocked. 

  • Account status changes: Another example of this is that your account has been removed as an authorized user. As a Facebook Admin for Acme Corp, if you are removed and no longer have Admin access (for Facebook Pages) to Acme Corp, our authorization is removed.

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