The Amazon Ads API provides several reporting data feeds to help advertisers understand and optimize their campaign performance. Amazon Sponsored Advertising (V3) report types Amazon Ads Reporting API for the above report types.

Important: Amazon has significantly changed the V3 and V2 reporting APIs. Please see Amazon Advertising: Reporting API V2 to V3 Migration for information about this migration and the potential impacts to reports, metrics, and how Amazon is rolling out these changes.

The following Amazon Sponsored Advertising (V3) report types are included:

  • amzn_ads_profiles

  • amzn_ads_sb_purchased_products

  • amzn_ads_sp_advertised_products

  • amzn_ads_sp_campaigns

  • amzn_ads_sp_campaigns_by_adgroup

  • amzn_ads_sp_campaigns_by_placement

  • amzn_ads_sp_purchased_products

  • amzn_ads_sp_search_terms

  • amzn_ads_sp_targeting

( Note: The Sponsored Ad type is defined in the name of the data feed. _sp_ = Sponsored Products, _sb_ = Sponsored Brands). The reports are provided at a DAILY interval as defined and made available by Amazon.

Impressions, costs, and clicks data from sponsored ads campaigns are typically available using the API within 24 hours. However, data may fluctuate significantly for 48-72 hours from the current date. Why? Amazon validates every click to make sure advertisers are not charged unnecessarily. This validation process can take up to three days; during this period, fluctuation in performance data will occur.

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