Amazon is releasing a new version of the reporting API for Sponsored Advertising (Brands, Products, Display, Video).

While we highlight key changes between v2 and v3 below, given the significant changes between the legacy v2 and new v3 API reports, we suggest reviewing Amazon's migration guide and the Amazon Ads API Reporting API V3 FAQs.

Available Reports Version 3 Reporting API

Currently, the new API is limited in the available reports compared to V2. Per Amazon;

Version 3 reporting currently supports all Sponsored Products report types in version 2. For Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands reports, you should continue to use version 2 while we add support to version 3.

Specifically, here is what is available in the new V3 API reporting;

Report type

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Brands







As you can see, the available reports are not at parity with v2 (yet).

Changes to Metric Naming

In addition to changes in reports, the content of those reports is changing. There are changes to metric names from v2 to v3. Per Amazon, below are some of those changes for reference;

Version 2 metric name

Version 3 column name

New metrics

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