Amazon Search Terms report is part of Brand Analytics. As a result, this report is only available to sellers who own a brand (see Amazon Brand Registry). Your authorizing Seller Central account must be internal to the brand and responsible for selling the brand in the Amazon store.

Checking Your Permissions

If you are not able to access Brand Analytics, go to the Brand Benefit Eligibility page where you can click ‘Review my eligibility’ to correct your status and gain access to Brand Analytics reports.

Fixing Permissions Issues

If you see an error message stating “You do not have permissions to access this page,” request the Primary Account Administrator grant you permissions to “Amazon Brand Analytics” on the Global User Permissions page.

You may also see the following notice on the Brand Benefit Eligibility page:

  • You are designated as a secondary user and do not have permission to view this page.

To resolve please you must contact the Primary Account Administrator to grant "View" permissions under - Settings -> User Permissions -> Manage Global Permissions -> Select user and set the status to “View” for “Brand Benefit Eligibility” under the “Performance” category.

For additional permissions information, see How To Configure Amazon Selling Partner Permissions or Troubleshooting SP-API User Permissions.

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