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Amazon Advertising Empty Profile List
Amazon Advertising Empty Profile List
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When setting up Amazon Advertising, you may notice there is an empty profile list. There may be multiple reasons why a profile list is empty:

  • The merchant granted consent with the incorrect account. If the merchant uses multiple accounts, please make sure they are using the correct one to grant authorization.

  • Make sure you were granted access in the correct region. It is possible the user that granted you consent from a different region. Please make sure that the email address of the user was used only in one region (e.g. for EU and for NA). The Advertising API will not return EU profiles when calling the NA or NA profiles for the EU.

  • No Sponsored Product campaigns exist. If you are not running any campaigns, the advertiser may not be considered "active". The advertiser must have at least one Sponsored Products campaign.

  • Incorrect permissions. If the merchant has granted access via Seller Central User Permissions you'll need to make sure they gave you View/Edit permission for Campaign Management. See this document for more details on setting permissions: Please note that if you update permissions at Amazon, it can take 1-2 hours for their systems to reflect those changes. Once Amazon systems sync, we will be able to see the change and reflect it in the Advertiser profile list.

Before submitting a ticket, please verify that there are no issues with the account you are authorizing.

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