Amazon requires that certain permissions are set within Seller Central or Amazon Advertising Console. These permissions required are to create and manage advertising campaigns.

NOTE: If we do not show any profiles in the list of Advertisers, it is due to a permissions issue at Amazon (see this article

Permissions grant access to Advertiser profiles

Advertising profiles represent an advertiser and their account's marketplace. Advertisers cannot have more than one profile for each marketplace. Advertisers who operate in more than one marketplace (,, will have one profile associated with each marketplace.

If you are unsure what an Amazon Advertising profile is, see this:

We collect data at the profile level. One data pipeline equals an Advertiser profile ID.

Selecting a profile to collect data

We will list all the Profile IDs associated with an authorization access token. For example, you have a user with an email This email is authorized to access Advertiser Profile A, B, C, and D; we will display each profile to you. However, if Advertiser C has a permission issue, it will not be listed as a selection.

You will need to make sure that "" has the correct permissions for each profile you want to collect data from.

Per Amazon, "the user account (email address) you are using to authorize Openbridge MUST be a Seller Central or Amazon Advertising Console user that can create and manage advertising campaigns".

Verifying your user permissions

In the Amazon Advertising console, make sure Campaign Manager and Advertising Reports are selected for the authorizing user account.

Here is an example of the permissions screen within the Amazon Advertising console:

In the event there are issues with us displaying an advertiser profile you think is attached to a specific account, we suggest cross-checking the Seller Central account Campaign Manager permissions in addition to the Advertising console. Normally selecting the permissions within the Advertising console will automatically set them in Seller Central.

On rare occasions, permissions may not sync between Ads and Seller Central. Another use case is someone accidentally removes this permission.

Within Seller Central permissions, make sure the Campaign Manager permissions, as shown below:

If you update permissions at Amazon, it can take 1-2 hours for their systems to reflect those changes. Once Amazon Seller and Advertising systems sync, we will be able to see the change and reflect it in the Advertiser profile list.

Removing Advertising Permissions Via Linked Accounts

It is possible that permissions have been removed in a manner that prevents Openbridge the ability to access the API, despite the correct settings previously detailed. For example, an admin on your advertising account selects Account Access > Manager accounts > Remove access. If this occurs, we will not be able to collect data for the advertiser in question.

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