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Amazon Advertising Platform Data Feeds
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Note: This document covers the Ads v2 Reporting API. Please see Amazon Advertising: Reporting API V2 to V3 Migration for the new V3 Reporting API and variations between them.

The Amazon Advertising API delivers media-related performance data for Amazon Sponsored Products, Amazon Sponsored Display, and Amazon Sponsored Brands.

The API provides direct access to unique metrics for campaigns, product search, product display ads, video, best-performing products, attribution, and brand advertising.

Below are the data feeds that we collect from our connectors:

Amazon Advertising Connector

Our Amazon Advertising automation delivers three primary ad types from the API: Sponsored Display (SD), Sponsored Brands (HSA), Sponsored Video (HSA), and Sponsored Products Ad (SP):

Sponsored Brands

  1. amzadvertising_hsa_adgroups

  2. amzadvertising_hsa_campaigns

  3. amzadvertising_hsa_campaigns_placement

  4. amzadvertising_hsa_keywords

  5. amzadvertising_hsa_campaigns_video

  6. amzadvertising_hsa_adgroups_video

  7. amzadvertising_hsa_keywords_video

Sponsored Products

  1. amzadvertising_sp_adgroups

  2. amzadvertising_sp_asins

  3. amzadvertising_sp_campaigns

  4. amzadvertising_sp_campaigns_placement

  5. amzadvertising_sp_keywords

  6. amzadvertising_sp_keywords_query

  7. amzadvertising_sp_productads

  8. amzadvertising_sp_targets

Sponsored Display

  1. amzadvertising_sd_campaigns

  2. amzadvertising_sd_adgroups

  3. amzadvertising_sd_productads

Amazon Attribution Connector

The Attribution connector delivers marketing campaign data for sellers undertaking cross-channel paid media campaigns across non-Amazon platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others. This data helps you understand how well a publisher like Google, TikTok, Twitter, in driving sales on Amazon

  1. amzn_attribution_advertisers

  2. amzn_attribution_metrics

  3. amzn_attribution_publishers

  4. amzn_attribution_tags

Additional Information

The above feeds will vary over time. Amazon routinely adds, updates, and removes feeds. For information on the data processing routines, workflows, cadence, and timing, please check out:


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