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Amazon MWS and Advertising Data Feed List
Amazon MWS and Advertising Data Feed List

Details for Amazon MWS API and Amazon Advertising API data feeds

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Our integrations are comprehensive as our goal is to provide customers as much data as the AMZ systems will allow us to collect on your behalf.

We offer a number of data integrations for Amazon for NA, EU, and APAC markets. Three of the integrations are with Amazon Marketplace Web Services. This includes;

  • MWS operational reporting

  • MWS settlement reports

  • MWS real-time orders

  • MWS warehouse (inbound fulfillment)

  • Amazon Advertising for campaign performance data.

(Note: Some feeds will vary by region/marketplace).

Amazon Seller Central MWS Warehouse (Inbound Fulfillment)

  1. mws_inbound_shipment_items

  2. mws_inbound_shipments

Amazon Seller Central MWS Real-Time Order Data Feeds

  1. mwsrt_orders

  2. mwsrt_order_items

Amazon Seller Central MWS Advanced Reporting Data Feeds

  1. mws_active_listings

  2. mws_all_listings

  3. mws_canceled_listings

  4. mws_customer_metrics

  5. mws_easyship_pickedup

  6. mws_fba_afn_inventory

  7. mws_fba_bulk_fix_stranded_inventory

  8. mws_fba_customer_shipment

  9. mws_fba_daily_inventory

  10. mws_fba_fee_preview

  11. mws_fba_fulfilled

  12. mws_fba_inventory_age

  13. mws_fba_inventory_archived

  14. mws_fba_inventory_health

  15. mws_fba_manage_excess_inventory

  16. mws_fba_multicountry_inventory

  17. mws_fba_promotions

  18. mws_fba_received_inventory

  19. mws_fba_recommended_removal

  20. mws_fba_reimbursements

  21. mws_fba_replacements

  22. mws_fba_reserved_inventory

  23. mws_fba_returns

  24. mws_fba_stranded_inventory

  25. mws_geo_opportunities

  26. mws_gst_merchant_tax_b2b

  27. mws_gst_merchant_tax_b2c

  28. mws_inactive_listings

  29. mws_inventory

  30. mws_listings_defect

  31. mws_open_listings

  32. mws_orders

  33. mws_orders_by_last_update

  34. mws_orders_by_order_date

  35. mws_paneuropean_eligibility_fba

  36. mws_referral_fee

  37. mws_report_exchange

  38. mws_restock_inventory

  39. mws_returns

  40. mws_small_and_light

  41. mws_sold_listings

  42. mws_unshipped_orders

  43. mws_vat_calculation

  44. mws_vat_transactions

Amazon Seller Central MWS Basic Reporting Data Feeds

  1. mws_orders_by_order_date

  2. mws_orders_by_last_update

  3. mws_fba_returns

  4. mws_fba_reimbursements

  5. mws_all_listings

  6. mws_fba_customer_shipment

  7. mws_returns

Historical Data

For MWS API data feeds, there are six feeds that sync one year of historical data.

  1. mws_orders_by_order_date

  2. mws_fba_returns

  3. mws_fba_reimbursements

  4. mws_all_listings

  5. mws_fba_customer_shipment

  6. mws_returns

Amazon places significant limits on the MWS API. As a result, we have to narrow the scope of the data we request historically. 

Amazon Advertising Data Feeds

For more information on Amazon Advertising data feeds, see this doc:

For more details on Amazon Advertising timing, definition, cadence, and considerations, see this doc:

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