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How To Set Up A Destination Data Lake Or Cloud Warehouse
How To Set Up A Destination Data Lake Or Cloud Warehouse
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A destination is a private, trusted repository of unified data from source systems, owned by you.

Understanding The Flow Of Data

A data source, like Amazon, Google, or Facebook, is a location by which data is extracted by Openbridge. A data destination is the private, trusted customer-owned location Openbridge stores the extracted data. Without a data destination, any data from a source system would not have a delivery location or a destination.

Why Do I Need A Data Destination?

Destinations are required. Why? Data sources have variations in complexity and volume of data. For example, over the course of 30 days of data collection, you may have over 100M rows of Amazon Advertising data. Also, different data sources require that data must be securely stored after extraction. Destinations like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and others offer the ability to meet those requirements.

As a result, without a proper data destination, Openbridge has no location to deliver, load, and organize your data.

Getting Started - Activating Data Destinations

Openbridge supports two types of data destinations; data lakes and cloud warehouses.

Data Lakes

Cloud Warehouses

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