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Activating Airbridge In Your AWS Account
Activating Airbridge In Your AWS Account

Step-by-step guides for using AWS CloudFormation and AWS EC2 to setup Airbridge and automate Airbyte connectors.

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The Airbridge and Airbyte data pipeline is designed with security and privacy in mind. Airbridge operates exclusively within your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, ensuring that the environment is both private and trusted.

This unique setup means that the infrastructure is isolated, only running the specific services you choose to run in your private account. This not only enhances security but also provides you with full control and visibility over your data processing and transfer. The process will always run in your private, secure environment to ensure you have complete authority over.

There are two steps in the process to activating Airbridge in your AWS account. Step 1 is using CloudFormation to set the foundation and Step 2 is launching your private, trusted Airbridge pipeline server.

Step 1:

Step 2:

All set with AWS? Define Your Airbridge Connector Configs

If you have your AWS setup and running, explore data source and destinations configs:

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