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Airbridge and Airbyte Connector Support
Airbridge and Airbyte Connector Support
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In the open source data integration and connectivity world, the developer community plays a pivotal role supporting data source or destination connectors. As a result, open source software has operates differently than traditional software for development and support.

User Responsibilities

  1. Code Access: All users have access to open source connectors.

  2. License Compliance: Users are responsible for ensuring compliance with any connector licenses. For example, users should verify if a connector operates with a closed source, proprietary "Non MIT" license.

  3. Features: Open source connectors may not offer expected features or behaviors.

  4. Roadmap: The community decides on open source connector features planned for release, under development, or backlogged.

  5. Changes: Open source connectors can introduce breaking changes without prior warning.

  6. Service Level Agreements: There are no Support SLAs for community connectors.

Where To Get Support

When running Airbyte open source and destination connectors, support is limited to the connector community and publicly available documentation.

If support is needed, the following resources are available to all:

Note: The developer community, not Openbridge, determines data source or destination connector's specific behaviors, outputs, requirements, or issues. As open source connectors and services are not maintained by Openbridge, we do not offer support SLAs around them. If you require personalized support, reach out to our sales team to discuss your needs.

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