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Generating and Retrieving Older Amazon Settlement Reports
Generating and Retrieving Older Amazon Settlement Reports
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Amazon does not preserve older Settlement reports file downloads. However, Amazon does allow the regeneration of older Settlement reports.

A report that is no longer available can be identified in the UI by a "Request Report" button.

Requesting Olders Reports

It is important to note that the API for Settlement reports does not support date requests. For example, if the current date is June 1, 2023, you can not request a report from Jan 10, 2023, or June 5, 2022. The only way to have Amazon generate older reports is by requesting them.

Regenerate Older Reports

A strategy that can be attempted is to request older reports by forcing Amazon to regenerate them.

To successfully request a fresh report, follow the steps outlined below. It's crucial to perform these actions on the same day and in the given sequence:

  1. Report Generation Request:

    1. Navigate to the desired report.

    2. Request Amazon to produce the report.

  2. Observing Report Generation:

    1. Monitor Amazon's User Interface (UI).

    2. Once the report appears as newly generated, proceed to the next step.

  3. Data Request Task Setup:

    1. Initiate the creation of a data request task. See this doc.

    2. When specifying the date for this task, ensure it aligns with the current date and is configured after the report is available for download.

      • Example: If you prompted Amazon to create a report at 10 AM on July 12, the report is available at 11 AM from the Amazon side; configure the task immediately with start and end dates set to July 12.

    3. Requests are made for reports output generated by Amazon on her current date.

The objective is to operationalize the task on the day Amazon produces the report, even if that report is older. This synchronization ensures we can find the newly created report as it is available in Amazon's systems.

Important Notes

It is important to note that Amazon does not officially support this method of requesting prior report dates. Given our process polls for new report creation, we have the potential to identify these types of requests once Amazon posts the report output. However, timing is critical. Our checks must occur after a report is generated, not before, as shown in 3(b) above.

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