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What is an Amazon Reconciliation Report?
What is an Amazon Reconciliation Report?
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An Amazon Reconciliation Report compares the inventory levels and sales data recorded in Amazon's systems with the corresponding data in the seller's inventory management system. This report is used to identify discrepancies between the two data sets and ensure that Amazon's records are accurate and up-to-date.

The report will typically include information such as the number of units sold, the number of units in Amazon's inventory, the number of units in the seller's inventory, and any adjustments or credits that have been made to account for lost or damaged units. By comparing this information, sellers can identify any issues affecting their sales or inventory levels and take steps to address them.

Sellers can use the Reconciliation report to cross-check the quantity, price, and other details of the product they have sold and shipped. It helps sellers to identify discrepancies, locate missing inventory and compare it with the inventory records they maintain independently to ensure they are in sync with amazon's records.

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