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Plan Cancellation
Plan Cancellation

Understanding how cancelations work, including final invoices

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The are two types of cancellations;

  1. User-initiated, self-service request via Billing Portal

  2. System triggered due to expired cards or insufficient balances

User-Initiated Billing Portal Cancellations

You can cancel your plan at any time in the Billing Portal. However, when you make a cancellation request, the plan will be canceled at the end of the current billing. For example, let's say you have a billing period from July 21 to Aug 21. If you cancel your plan on July 25th, the plan will remain active until the end of the current billing period which is August 21st.

Prior to canceling your plan, the details of the cancellation date are shown in the Billing Portal -> Cancel page.

In our example, we would strongly advise deactivating all of your active pipelines. For example, when you cancel your plan on July 25th, you deactivated active pipelines. If you do not deactivate them, they will continue to run! As a result, you will incur charges if you leave them running until the end of the billing period on August 21st.

After the billing period closes, you will be issued a final invoice. There will be no further invoices unless you reactivate your account.

Cancellations Due to Billing Expired Cards or Insufficient Balances

If all retries for a payment fail, we cancel all your active data pipelines. In the event your pipelines were deactivated for non-payment, you can always re-activate if your account becomes current.

Please note that if your pipelines were deactivated, there is a risk of data gaps that we can not backfill. It is your responsibility to ensure your payment methods are current and active.

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