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How To Locate Your Amazon Vendor Central Vendor Group ID
How To Locate Your Amazon Vendor Central Vendor Group ID
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When you authorize the Openbridge Selling Partner application to access your Vendor data, you are granting access to a Vendor Group that is associated with your account sign-in credentials. As a result, make sure you are using the right Vendor Central credentials to log in.

Amazon Requirements

One of the authorization requirements from Amazon is to use a Vendor ID. The Vendor ID is a unique code that reflects the group the use you are using for authentication is associated with in Vendor Central.

As a result, please make sure the Vendor Code you want to associate with the Openbridge application is connected to the user you logged in with during the authorization process.

Locating your Vendor Codes

If you do not know your Vendor ID, locating it requires logging into your Vendor Central account:

  1. Go to Vendor Central for your marketplace.

  2. Sign in using the credentials for the Vendor Central account with the vendor group that you want your application to access. (ie use the account you will be authorizing Openbridge)

  3. On the Settings menu, click Contacts.

  4. Review the Contacts page to determine if the vendor codes that you want your application to access are present.

Here is an example of Contacts By Vendor Code:

You can also find vendor code By People:

As our examples highlight, there are many cases where multiple codes are presented to you. Select the code that has the permissions that allow Openbridge to connect your account to retrieve performance and operational data.


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