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Amazon Selling Partner API data integration for Fulfillment reports

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Daily product-level details on completed customer orders, including purchase price, quantity, tracking, and shipping information. The following report types are included:




Amazon Fulfillment connector leverages the Amazon Reporting API for the report types listed above. This API provides preset, Amazon-defined FBA business reports. See Amazon's docs for more details on the various report types below.


While the FBA Fulfillment reports are considered near-real time, API limits precluded requesting more frequently than daily. Also, the data in these reports are not "settled" quickly, meaning that while Amazon may provide a report, the data in it is not complete (see Lookbacks)


Trailing fulfillment records may appear at a later date for an prior reporting period. For example, on 8/1, a request is made for the fulfillment report. The data is returned. However, on 8/3, if a request is made for 8/1 again, there will be additional fulfillment records updated at Amazon for the 8/1 date. As a result, we use a -1, -2, and -7 look back to care for this behavior.

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