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Google AdWords API Sunset
Google AdWords API Sunset
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The Google AdWords API will sunset in favor of the new Google Ads API by April 27, 2022. The Ads API journey at Google took many years, finally achieving parity with the AdWords API as of Ads API v7!

Openbridge has been actively developing against Google Ads since v1. However, the Ads API never achieved functional or operational parity. We spent the better part of the last 3 to 4 years waiting for the Ads API to reach this milestone.

Transition From AdWords to Ads

Openbridge will automatically create new Google Ads subscriptions for you to facilitate the transition. There will be legacy Google AdWords feeds, and new Google Ads feeds simultaneously coming into your data destination. This is being done to help facilitate a smooth transition.

Once the AdWords API ceases to operate, we will deactivate the legacy AdWords subscriptions.

Googe Ads Feeds

If you are a current Google AdWords subscriber, there will be a collection of similar Google Ads data feeds present in your target destination.

  1. ads_ad_group

  2. ads_ad_group_ad

  3. ads_ad_group_audience_view

  4. ads_age_range_view

  5. ads_campaign

  6. ads_campaign_audience_view

  7. ads_click_view

  8. ads_customer

  9. ads_dynamic_search_ads_search_term_view

  10. ads_expanded_landing_page_view

  11. ads_gender_view

  12. ads_geographic_view

  13. ads_keyword_view

  14. ads_landing_page_view

  15. ads_search_term_view

  16. ads_shopping_performance_view

  17. ads_user_location_view

  18. ads_video

If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does reporting in AdWords differ from Google Ads?

While the Google Ads data is thematically similar, there are variations. In the past, the AdWords reports were based on pre-compiled/pre-defined report definitions. The new Google Ads API is a process of assembly rather than the preset AdWords "reports" of old.

Is there a detailed mapping of an AdWords report to a Google Ads report?

Unfortunately, Google did not provide a straightforward "cookbook" that maps AdWords report A to Google Ads report query. For example, in Google AdWords, there was a CAMPAIGN_PERFORMANCE_REPORT. Generating something similar requires a custom query definition for Google Ads. While a query is flexible, it puts the onus on the developer to map A to B. As a result, there is no clear "old to new" mapping provided by Google for the migration.

Are there any reference materials for comparing AdWords to Ads reports?

They did provide some UI level mapping of the user interface reports

However, this does not offer the definitive A to B mapping between AdWords and Ads APIs.

If there is a report missing in the new Google Ads feeds, can it get added?

Yes! The good news is that the new report definitions can be flexible, so if a specific Ads report combination is needed, we can look to define it as a query and include it in the outputs. Please reach out to support with the specifics.

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