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Product Development Requests

Framework for product development roadmaps

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Openbridge offers beta releases that allow select customers to test the functionality of our services. While in beta, service functionality is mainly complete, though there may be edge cases that require refinement.

Before beta releases, Openbridge releases pilots of services. A pilot is often exploratory, with functional and quality gaps. Support is limited in pilots.

Requesting Product Development

We often undertake pilots with a small group of customers to determine features, requirements, and workflows. If you want to request new connectors or enhancements to existing ones, please submit the request here: Product Development Request.
Please note that a request does not equate to a work order for Openbridge to undertake formal development. A request reflects service interest and helps us understand broader demand and commercial viability (see below).

Commercial Viability

Before undertaking any functional and technical efforts, we must understand the commercial viability of offering a requested service to all customers. Product Development Requests help us determine;

  1. The demand for a particular service. Suppose the interest is low, meaning very few people have expressed interest or commitments to service. It may not be commercially viable to invest the time and money into formal development.

  2. The feasibility of the service to meet the request. The offered API or service may not functionally or technically deliver the outputs defined in a request. For example, Company X provides an Orders API. Requester says, "Please support the new Order API from Company X." However, the new API only supplies the order time, order ID, quantity, and amount. This is a fraction of what the requester wanted: order items, SKUs, items desc, shipping addresses, purchaser name, and many other data points. This is an example where the API does not align with the request, so development against it is not viable.

If there is not enough commercial demand for product development, we may offer limited customized solutions:

  • Custom, Proprietary Product Development

    Custom-built product development reflects applications that allow data processing based on specific customer requirements. For example, there may be a low-demand, proprietary, or internal system integration a customer is looking for. Timing and costs may vary depending on the specifics of each customer request. We would partner with you to review each source and provide an assessment of the relative ease or complexity of integration.

Public Disclosures

Please note that we do not disclose, discuss, or confirm specifics of given product releases until we have entered public beta or a complete public release is available.

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