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Google App Authorization Blocked
Google App Authorization Blocked

Resolving "This app is blocked" error

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Google Workspace settings can prevent the authorized access of third-party apps like Openbridge to Google services.
For example, the following error can occur if your company has restrictions on third-party apps:

The good news is app authorization settings are configurable in Google Workspace by a Google Administrator.

Allowing App Access

The following steps grant authorization for Openbridge to access Google services. Please note, these steps need to be performed by a Google Workspace Administrator.

  1. Navigate to your Google Workspace Admin.

  2. Search for API Controls and select the option nested under Security.

  3. Click MANAGE THIRD-PARTY APP ACCESS on the right side of the page.

  4. Search for Openbridge on the page. If it is present, click the row to adjust the settings. If it's not present in search results, go to Step 6.

  5. Under App Access set the application to Trusted: Can access all Google services. Click Save. Go to step 10.

  6. If Openbridge is not present in search results, click Configure new app > OAuth App Name or Client ID.

  7. Search for Openbridge, and click the result with Openbridge.

  8. Select all OAuth Client IDs and click Select.

  9. Set app access to Trusted: Can access all Google services and click Configure.

  10. All set! Openbridge is listed as a trusted application on your Google Workspace account. After approximately 10-30 minutes, the blocked message should go away.

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