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Billing: Failed, Missing, Or Late Payments
Billing: Failed, Missing, Or Late Payments

What happens when there is an issue with billing on your account

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Payments can fail for a number of reasons. It might be a declined or expired credit card or it might be an insufficient balance. If there’s ever an issue, we email the primary billing contact on your account.

  • Expired credit card

  • Missing or incomplete billing information (Zipcode, CCV...)

  • Lost or stolen cards

  • Insufficient funds/balance

  • Expired trial

Expired Trials

In the event, that your trial has expired and you have not upgraded to a paid plan, any active data pipelines will be paused. Upgrading to a paid plan, with current payment information is required to continue the use of the service.

Preventing Failed Payments

We will proactively send an email to customers asking that their payment information is up to date. This includes emails for upcoming renewal events 3 days before a subscription renews.

Billing Error Notifications

To help resolve payment issues quickly, here is what happens once we are unable to process payments:


What Occurs

0 day

We send an email immediately when card payments fail

1-2 day

If we still cannot process a payment after we’ll reach out to billing contacts notifying them of the issue.

4-5 days

Another reminder is sent to the billing contact highlighting the issue still persists

7-8 days

A final reminder is sent to the billing contact that if the issue is not resolved all active data pipelines will be turned off.

10 days

A cancellation notice is sent and all active data pipelines will be deactivated.

Update Your Payment Method

If you've run into a payment issue simply update a payment method from the Profile page in your account. Any updates can be made directly in your Customer Billing Portal.

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