Openbridge offers a pre-built, automated, and fully-managed Finances API data pipeline. Our connector enables you to obtain automated, hassle-free Finances API information relevant to a seller and marketplace, all conveniently delivered and organized in an easy to access data warehouse or data lake.

Our platforms offer a near real-time data feed of financial events for orders, financial events, shipments, refunds, or fees without having to wait until a statement period closes.

It is important to note that there is no single, summarized, and easy-to-use output from the Finance API like you get from Settlement Reports. The Finance API is one of the more complex Amazon services. Why is it complex? The Finance API provides transactional data for a broad collection of different finance events. Each of these events has a result set that is unique to that event. Given the volume of events, it can be overwhelming for teams that have only used Settlement Reports.

Currently there 20 finance data feeds available with the Openbridge Finances API:

  • mws_finances_event_groups

  • mws_finances_adjustment_events

  • mws_finances_chargeback_events

  • mws_finances_coupon_payment_events

  • mws_finances_debt_recovery_events

  • mws_finances_guarantee_claim_events

  • mws_finances_loan_servicing_events

  • mws_finances_network_commingling_transaction_events

  • mws_finances_product_ads_payment_events

  • mws_finances_refund_events

  • mws_finances_retrocharge_events

  • mws_finances_safetreimbursement_events

  • mws_finances_seller_deal_payment_events

  • mws_finances_seller_review_enrollment_payment_events

  • mws_finances_service_fee_events

  • mws_finances_shipment_events

  • mws_finances_shipment_item_fees

  • mws_finances_shipment_item_promotions

  • mws_finances_shipment_items

  • mws_finances_tax_withholding_events

For more details on the Finance API, see Amazons docs:

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