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Understanding Amazon Settlement Reports
Understanding Amazon Settlement Reports

Settlement data provides all your financial transactions for a specific period

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Amazon Payments provides two types of reports;

  1. Settlement Reports

  2. Transaction Reports

This document focuses on Settlement, not Transaction Reports. Transaction Reports serve a different purpose and should not be confused with Settlement Reports. Amazon only offers API support for Settlement Reports.
โ€‹Currently, there are no other Amazon Pay reports available via API other than Settlements.

What Are Settlement Reports?

Settlement reports help you understand your account activity by providing a detailed breakdown of transactions during a given settlement period.

For a seller account to be settled, it must have had activity during the settlement period and either a positive or zero account balance.

A Settlement Report provides information on all financial transactions for the settlement period. These reports are critical for determining whether you have been paid for an order or determining which orders you were paid for in a particular bank deposit

The Settlement Report includes all orders and adjustments for the settlement period, showing the details of the disbursement to your bank account.

A settlement report can include the Federal Automated Clearing House Trace ID assigned to your fund transfer. If it has been more than five business days since Amazon initiated the transfer, your bank can use the Trace ID to research the status of your deposit.

What is a Settlement Billing Period?

Settlement periods vary, depending on your seller agreement. The settlement period reflects a billing cycle, typically bi-weekly, set by Amazon, not Openbridge.

Amazon generates a Settlement Report for a closed billing period. These reports reflect a final reconciliation, as far as Amazon is concerned, relating to disbursements. The disbursement to your bank account generally occurs within four days after Amazon generates the Settlement Report.

Understanding Settlement Report Timing

Per Amazon, "Settlement Reports cannot be requested or scheduled. Reports are automatically scheduled by Amazon."

As previously mentioned, Settlement periods will vary by merchant. However, we have found it typically will be bi-weekly or weekly.

Since the Settlement Report is automatically scheduled by Amazon, it cannot be requested through the API. Openbridge will continually poll the API for a report to be generated by Amazon. Once we observe a new report is available from the API, we request, process, and deliver it to a target data destination.

Also, please note Amazon states it can take up to 5 days from the period close for reports to become available. For example, if a report closes on 9/5/2023, the report would be come available on 9/10/2023. Depending on the timing of when the report became available on 9/10/2023, we would pick it up on 9/10 or 9/11.

Which Settlement Report Is Requested From the API?

The report we leverage is the Flat File V2 Settlement Report. This report has price columns condensed into three general-purpose columns: amounttype, amountdescription, and amount.

For details on the report definition, see this doc.

Will Amazon Always Generate A Settlement Report?

No, Amazon will not generate a report under certain conditions. If you do not have a positive or zero account balance with Amazon at the end of your settlement period, no settlement occurs, and no report is generated.

Manually Download An Amazon Settlement Report

Use the following steps to download a settlement report from your seller central account:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon Pay account on Seller Central.

  2. Click the Reports menu, and then click Payments. On the Statement View tab, a view of your current open Settlement appears.

  3. Click Download Flat File V2 against Settlement Period.

  4. Save the file on your hard drive.

You can use this report as a cross-reference to the report delivered from the API.

Can I Generate An Interim Or Custom Report?

If needed, Amazon allows you to generate and download custom reports from the Date Range Reports tab. For more information about date range reports, see Generating a date range report. These custom reports should not be confused with the Amazon-generated reports which are used by the API.

IMPORTANT: A custom-generated report does not necessarily reflect Amazon's formal billing cycle for a reporting period. Always rely on the published Amazon Settlement Report for any form of reconciliation and financial synchronization.

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