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Amazon Seller Central Report Localization

Why Localization of Amazon Reports can wreak havoc on data processing

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Amazon reports support a user configuring the activation of a default local language. However, we do not support this capability. If you have activated the translation of reports into a default local language, we will not be able to process this data.

What do Localized feeds look like?

If Localization is enabled, both the headers and the contents of reports will be translated. For example, here is a few headers that are localized:

['artikelbezeichnung', 'artikelbeschreibung', 'angebotsnummer', 'händler_sku', 'preis', 'menge', 'erstellungsdatum', 'artikel_ist_marketplace_angebot', 'produkt_id_typ', 'anmerkung_zum_artikel', 'artikelzustand', 'asin_1', 'internationaler_versand', 'expressversand', 'produkt_id', 'hinzufügen_löschen', 'anzahl_bestellungen', 'versender', 'händlerversandgruppe', 'mindestbestellmenge', 'restposten_verkaufen']



As a result, localized reports will not be processed. While we understand the desire for localization, its complexities can introduce increased errors.

The reason for this is the complexity related to a user setting that can switch on or offer sweeping changes to schemas and the underlying data. It may also conflict with naming conventions and standards set by data warehouses or data lake vendors. This is not unlike the Aviation industry, which uses a baseline to ensure interoperability (see

Check Your Localized Settings

To check your settings, log into Seller Central and select Settings > Account Info > Feed Processing Report Language > Localized (report will be translated into default local language). Make sure this setting is NOT enabled.

Impacted Data Feeds

This is a list of some of the impacted feeds. This is not exhaustive; simply a collection of reports that can be impacted by localization:

  • Open Listings Report (“Inventory Report”) - GET_FLAT_FILE_OPEN_LISTINGS_DATA


  • Merchant Listings Report (“Active Listings Report”) - GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DATA

  • Merchant Listings Lite Report (“Open Listings Lite Report”) - GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DATA_LITE

  • Merchant Listings Liter Report (“Open Listings Liter Report”) - GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DATA_LITER


  • Quality Listing Report (“Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report”) - GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DEFECT_DATA

  • Product Ads Listings Report - GET_NEMO_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DATA


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