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Shopify Data Feeds List

Details for Shopify API data feeds

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Our goal is to provide customers as much data as the Shopify systems will allow us to collect on your behalf. As a result, our integration offers a comprehensive collection of data feeds that reflect your Shopify merchant operations.

(Note: Some feeds will vary by a merchant).

  1. sh_customer_adresses

  2. sh_customers

  3. sh_discounts_codes

  4. sh_draft_order_items

  5. sh_draft_orders

  6. sh_fulfillment_items

  7. sh_fulfillments

  8. sh_inventory_items

  9. sh_inventory_levels

  10. sh_inventory_locations

  11. sh_order_items

  12. sh_orders

  13. sh_price_rules

  14. sh_product_images

  15. sh_product_variants

  16. sh_products

  17. sh_refund_transactions

  18. sh_refunds

  19. sh_risks

  20. sh_transactions

This list may change as Shopify removes, modified, or adds new data feeds. If you do not see a needed data feed, reach out to Openbridge support.


Activating Shopify Data Connector

To activate a Shopify data connector for a merchant, see the docs here:

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