When you grant access to Openbridge to your Seller account, our access lasts for 12 months from the date it was issued. To ensure uninterrupted data collection, you need to ensure you renew Openbridge access prior to the expiration of the initial authorization. Doing so will grant us an additional 12 months from the date of renewal.

If you do not renew Openbridge access before the access expiration date, our access will be terminated by Amazon. This will put our app in an "expired" state. As such, all data collection we undertake on your behalf will stop!

Is your Openbridge developer authorizations expired?

If the access is expired or revoked, our app will be "disabled." Once expired, Amazon removes the original MWS Auth token authorization. Openbridge will not be able to access your account. To grant Openbridge access again, you will need to "enable" access.

Step 1: Updating Seller Central

In your Seller Central account, go to Settings->Third party developer and apps-> Manage your Apps. Find Openbridge and enable access. When granting access to Openbridge, Amazon will create a new MWS Auth token. You will need to give us this new MWS Auth token before we can successfully reactivate data collection for your Seller account.

Step 2: Updating your Openbridge authorization

Next, you will need to log into your Openbridge account and update the remote identity authorization with the new MWS Auth token from Amazon. This informs us that a change was made to the authorization.

Also, in the event of expired MWS authorizations, Openbridge may have paused your MWS subscriptions. Why? Amazon was rejecting our API requests. You will need to log into your Openbridge account and reactivate any paused subscriptions. Only do this after you updated the Auth token.

Is your Openbridge developer authorization expiring soon?

Renewal is the simplest path. When renewing authorizations, this will ensure Openbridge access is preserved, and data collection will continue uninterrupted.

Step 1: Check and renew access (if needed)

In your Seller Central account, go to Settings->Third party developer and apps-> Manage your Apps. Find Openbridge and renew access by checking if the "Rewal" button is present for Openbridge. If so, click "Renewal." That is it!

If you renew before expiration, the original Openbridge MWS Auth token will be left intact. Unlike expired authorizations, renewals mean you will not have to give us a new MWS Auth token!

Preventing Expirations

When access is lost, we can not collect data for you. Unfortunately, loss of access will lead to gaps in data that can not be backfilled. There are two steps you can take to avoid expired authorization:

  1. First, take note of Amazon communications about access renewals. Amazon provides a "Developer Access Renewal" service that reminds you to review developers that have access to your seller account periodically. Check your emails and notifications from Amazon on a regular basis.

  2. Second, in your Seller Central account, under Settings->Third party developer and apps-> Manage your Apps, you will see a list of developers and apps listed. Click "renew" for Openbridge if Amazon says the access is expiring soon.

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