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How To Deliver Data To A New Warehouse Destination
How To Deliver Data To A New Warehouse Destination

4 simple and quick steps to switching your data delivery to a new warehouse destination

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In this guide, we show you how simple it is to switch the warehouse delivery location for your subscriptions.  

Step 1: Login Into Your Openbridge Account

The first step is to log in to your Openbridge account and navigate to the "Subscriptions" tab.

Under the "Location" column, you will see the name of the current warehouse delivery location. 

To change the location, click the Location name. In our example, our current warehouse location is called "shared-client-hub". We want to change this to a new location.

Step 2:  Confirm Your Warehouse Destination 

When you clicked  "shared-client-hub" a window will be shown that asks for confirmation of your desire to switch.  Are you sure you want to make this switch? 

If yes, select "Yes, switch to new warehouse destination". If no, simply close the window.

Step 3: Select Your New Warehouse Destination

A list of warehouse destinations that are attached to your account will be shown:

Select the new location for the data to be delivered to. 

Note:  We only show warehouse destinations that you have previously configured via the setup process. If the desired destination is not present, you will need to close this process and add it via the setup process.

Step 4: Confirm The Switch To A New Warehouse Destination

Your new warehouse destination is shown to you as a confirmation prior to making the switch:

 If everything looks correct, then click "Save new warehouse location".

you switched data delivery to a new warehouse!  All new data for the subscription will be stored in the new warehouse destination you just configured.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see any warehouses listed to switch to. Why?

We only show warehouse destinations that you have previously configured via the setup process. You must attach a new warehouse location to your account before it will be listed as a new candidate delivery location.

Does switching to a new location delete data from my previous warehouse destination?

No, any data in your previous warehouse destination is left untouched.

Does switching to a new location transfer all of the data resident in my previous warehouse destination to the new one?

No, only new data is delivered to the new warehouse destination. Any data delivered to the previous location will remain there.

I want to transition all my data from the previous destination to the new one, can you help us with that?

Yes, we can assist with those efforts. The time and effort will vary depending upon the scope and complexity of underlying data. Please contact to discuss further.

When is data delivered to the new location?

The change is immediate. Once you make the switch it tells our system to route all data to the new location. It is possible that there was some data in flight (i.e, being delivered to the old warehouse) at the same time of the switch. In that case, it will still be delivered to the previous warehouse destination. However, all new data coming into the system will be routed to your new warehouse destination.

I don’t see any data in the new destination. When will it arrive?

When you make the switch it tells our system to route all data to the new location. Depending on when data arrives in our system, there might not be data in the new destination for 24 hours, maybe more. For example, Facebook data should be resident within the new warehouse within 24 hours. However, data coming from the Batch API might take longer. Why? The system sending data to our Batch API may only send data weekly, so it would not be present until the upstream system delivered it. You may want to confirm the schedules for these upstream data sources.

I switched to a new warehouse destination. How do I connect to it?

Prior to making a switch we strongly suggest teams have an understanding of how to use their new warehouse. This includes how to connect, query and manage that resource. Google and Amazon offer extensive documentation and we advise customers to review them closely in advance of making a switch.

I switched to a new warehouse destination. Can I switch back to a previous warehouse destination or to another destination?

Yes, you can switch to a previous warehouse or pick a new one. If you make this switch, note that your data will be fragmented across systems. This may make running queries more cumbersome. Our advice is to only make a switch once you are confident that the new destination is a final destination. While it is technically feasible to keep switching, practically it will make working with your data more difficult.

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