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Setting Up A Stitch Amazon S3 Delivery Destination
Setting Up A Stitch Amazon S3 Delivery Destination
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Setting up Openbridge as a storage destination for Stitch is a simple two-step process. In this guide, we show you how to use Amazon S3 as the target location within Stitch. 

Step 1: Connect To Amazon S3

When you log into Stitch, you will need to set up a destination. Select Amazon S3. 

You will get presented with this screen:

A. Bucket Name

The Openbridge team will provision you a private S3 bucket. Please contact them for the specific name.

B. Data Format

For "Store Data in This Format", select 'CSV'

C. Data Delimiter

For "Delimiter", select Comma. Check 'Quote all elements'. This will ensure numerical fields will appear as "123" instead of 123.

D. Object Key

Stitch asks for an object key. This might be a little tricky for some since it is somewhat abstract. As a result, your Openbridge team will provide you with the exact value you need to supply for this.  If you are curious about object keys, see the help article What is a Stitch Object Key?

Once you enter the object key provided by Openbridge, select "Continue"

Step 2: Granting Access

Next, we will have to set permissions on the bucket so Stitch can send data.

D. Bucket Policy

The Openbridge team will handle this for you.

E. Verify Your Bucket

In this step Stitch is supplying a verification file name: 

  1. You need to copy this verification name and send it to the Openbridge team as shown by Stitch. We will update S3 with the verification file.

  2. If you are familiar with Amazon S3 uploads, we can give you access to S3 to do this yourself.  You upload to S3 the Stitch verification file

In either case, doing so ensures your bucket has the verification file required by Stitch. Select "Check and Save". Note: You will not be able to "Check and Save" until    the verification file is uploaded. 


You are ready to activate integrations in Stitch!  Ready to activate a Stitch integration? See our article on how to setup Google Analytics.

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