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How To Submit A Support Request
How To Submit A Support Request
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Getting Your Account Configured

Are you an Openbridge customer? Please visit the following address to create a support account:

Once completed, the system will create your support dashboard, which is located at You can log in to the support site to submit or manage your requests.

Sending Support Requests

Support Dashboard

The support dashboard will always show you the status and details of your request. If you are part of a larger team, you can access a holistic view of what other team members submit.

Email Support Requests

You can also email support requests to Any request sent to will be cared for in the same manner as if you submitted them on the support portal.

Understanding Different Types of Support Requests

The following are examples of support requests you would submit:

  • The system is down or severely impacted such that routine operation is impossible.

  • Issues where functionality is affected, or there is a development issue.

How To Submit A Support Request

We have two questions for you regarding using the system.

  • First, please limit each request to one support item rather than a laundry list of questions and requests. Creating a request "drift" can cause delays or non-response. What is drift? When an original request asking for X shifts to questions or requests for Y or Z, responses will slow as we filter a long-running thread of disparate conversations. Changes or modifications to support requests can cause issues with tracking and significantly increase our response speed.

  • Second, the more details you provide in a request, the greater the speed and accuracy with which we can assist you. You can add attachments (screenshots, spreadsheets, etc.) to your requests to provide additional context when necessary. Before submitting a support request, please search for relevant documents about your issue. If you submit a support request covered in the docs, our response will be delayed.

You can create a ticket by logging in to the support portal or clicking the Submit a Request link at the top of the screen.

What Should You Include In A Support Ticket?

When submitting a ticket, you will need to provide the following...

1. Subject - A concise summary of the issue (We will use the subject line of your email if sent via email).

2. Description - This is where you provide as many details as possible related to the request. For example, provide examples of any SQL queries, screenshots of errors, logs, or analyses you may have undertaken. The more generic your description, the longer it will take to respond. As a reference, you can see some troubleshooting examples of how to provide more context in a support ticket. (We will use the body copy of your email if sent via email).

Please reference the subscription ID of the pipeline; otherwise, we will not know what you are referencing. You can find this in your Openbridge Account - > Pipelines.

3. Priority - Low, Normal, High, Urgent

4. Attachments (if applicable) - to provide additional context to the issue (e.g., a screenshot of the error message)

Once A Ticket Is Submitted...

When you first open a ticket, its status will be set to 'New' until someone from our team takes it; at this point, it will be set to 'Open.'

If the ticket is sent back to you with a 'Pending' status, we seek additional information from you to investigate and resolve the issue.

Once you have provided that information, you can submit the ticket with 'Open' status. Once the issue has been resolved, you/we can set the status to 'Solved.'

Always Use The System For Support Requests!

Support requests sent directly via chat or Openbridge team email addresses may be missed and untracked. We will generally respond within 24 hours of receiving a ticket.

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