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How To Activate Google Analytics 360 Integrations Within Your Openbridge Account
How To Activate Google Analytics 360 Integrations Within Your Openbridge Account
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The following describes the steps and inputs needed to configure a Google Analytics 360 to a destination data warehouse located at Amazon. Currently we support delivery of data to Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena or Redshift Spectrum

Not only is the process simple, but the data we pull from Google Analytics 360 is the most comprehensive integration to Amazon web service currently available. Our data definition document details exactly what we are loading into your Amazon data warehouse.

Please note that data extraction and loading follows the Google schedule for delivering Google Analytics 360 data into BigQuery. For example, the integration will pull yesterdays data today. The timing of that pull is dependent on when Google loads data to BigQuery.

Getting Started: Prerequisites

The guide assumes you have an Openbridge account and have setup a data warehouse location. Once you are ready we will show you how easy it is to load your Google Analytics 360 data to a destination warehouse.

Lets get started!

Step 1: Visit the Data Pipeline — Batch Product Page

The first step is to visit our Google Analytics 360 product page. If you don’t have an Openbridge account, you will need to create one. It takes about 20 seconds to set one up!

Select the "Order" button to continue

Step 2:  Setup Authorization

The next step is either (A) using an existing authorized account or (B) creating a new one. This allow us to connect to your Google Analytics 360 account on BigQuery. Make sure your use has the correct authorization to your GA 360 data in BigQuery before proceeding

Step 3:  Configuration

Provide your connection a label (A). This helps you identify this particular integration in the future.

Next, select the project that holds your GA 360 data. Please note that we will list all available projects even if some do not have GA 360 data resident within them. If you select the wrong one, simply edit the selection as needed.

After selecting your Project we will display the datasets associated with the Project. Typically the GA 360 data will be resident in a dataset called "ga_sessions*". This is the one you will want to select. However, if you have a custom GA 360 dataset name, select the one that maps to your data.

Lastly, select the target data warehouse. In the example below the only data warehouse listed in Redshift. You may have multiple warehouses registered in our system. We will route the GA 360 data to the warehouse you select here.

Once you select "PAY AND LAUNCH" you are done! Congrats, your GA 360 data will now be delivered to Redshift.  

If you need historical data included, please reach out to to discuss.

Check out the GA360 data definition document for details around what we are delivering.


Looking for a manual way to process GA 360 to Redshift? Check out our open source tool:

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