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How To Setup A Google BigQuery Data Destination
How To Setup A Google BigQuery Data Destination
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The following describes the steps and inputs needed to configure a Google BigQuery destination within your Openbridge account. The process is simple and quick, only requiring the minimum information needed to connect and write data to your instance.

Getting Started: Prerequisites

Before proceeding, you must ensure your Google Cloud account is configured correctly. We provided a handy guide called “How To Set Up Google BigQuery: Creating and Configuring Service Accounts In Google Cloud Console”. This will ensure your Google Cloud account is ready to go. Once that has been completed, you are ready to proceed.

Step 1: Select Google BigQuery Warehouse

If you are creating an Openbridge account, you can select a data destination storage location. Select Google BigQuery

Step 2: Provide Authorization

The next step will be the authorization page. This is where you will add your Google Cloud service account.

To load your Google Cloud service account, you will need to:

  • A: Give your authorization a nickname. This will help you identify it later

  • B: The next step is to upload your service account JSON file. The JSON file is what Google provided you after completing the service account setup process

  • C: After you load your JSON file, the “Project Name” associated with your service account will be displayed. The example below the service account project name is “My Project”

You will notice that the identity you just created will appear as an “Existing” identity. We will show all the identities you have configured in the drop-down menu if you have more than one. Select the one you and to use and then continue.

Step 3: Create a Dataset

What is a Dataset? According to Google, "Datasets are top-level containers used to organize and control access to your tables and views."

Do you have a Dataset created? Google requires that a Dataset be present, else there is no location for Openbridge to deliver data. To create a Dataset, login to your Google Cloud account as detailed here "Google Cloud: Creating Datasets In BigQuery"

Important! Default table expiration should be set to Never. Tables created in the dataset are only automatically deleted if done so by you. If your account reverts to "Sandbox" mode or your billing expires, Google WILL change these settings to delete all your data in 60 days. Please ensure your Dataset is set to NEVER, as Openbridge can not recover or recreate data deleted by Google.

Step 4: Configure Your BigQuery Warehouse Destination

The next step will have you configure where you want us to deliver your data within BigQuery.

  • A: Give your Google BigQuery destination a unique name

  • B: Select the project you want to use. We will show all the projects your authorization allows us access to

  • C: Select the dataset you want us to deliver data. The Dataset(s) linked to your authorization will be displayed in the Openbridge interface, which you can then select as a destination for your data. If no Datasets are displayed, it is possible that 1) they were not created or 2) the authorization needs to have the correct permissions that allow us to see them. Please confirm a Dataset exists and that your permissions are set correctly.

  • D: Review your setup

Congrats! You just configured a BigQuery warehouse destination.

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