To use Openbridge services, you need to set up a data storage. This article describes basic steps on how to connect your data warehouse to Openbridge.

Openbridge supports the following data warehouses  

  • Amazon Redshift 
  • Google BigQuery 
  • Amazon Athena 
  • Amazon Redshift Spectrum 

If you already have a data warehouse and an Openbridge account, sign in and click  navigation menu sign:

In the navigation menu, click on the name of the data warehouse you want to collect data to:

This will land you on data warehouse product page, click Configure button

The next step is to fill out fields on a configuration page, click "Connect Your Storage" when you are done.

That's it! You now have a configured data warehouse within the Openbridge platform.

p.s. Make sure you whitelist our platform IP addresses:

If you don't yet have a data warehouse but need to your data, Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift offer free trials. Visit the following links to find out how to set up each data warehouse before connecting it to Openbridge:

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