Creating an Openbridge account is quick and easy and only takes a minute. When you are on a home page, click "Sign Up" button the upper right corner:

If you are on any of the product pages to create and account you can click "Sign Up" in the navigation or in the product description there is a "Get Started" button.

When you click "Sign Up" or "Get Started" the account creation window is displayed.  We only ask for the basics  such as name and email address. No credit card is required. After you are done, click "Complete Sign Up".

Congratulations! You now have a Developer account with Openbridge.

If you are ready to at a destination for the data we collect you to hop over to configure Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Amazon Athena or Amazon Redshift Spectrum. These are the four supported data warehouse systems we deliver your data to. If you want to learn more about how to pick a warehouse or setting these systems up, check out our helpful posts on these topics.

If you have any questions or get stuck, don't hesitate to reach out!

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