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Engaging Openbridge Professional Services
Engaging Openbridge Professional Services
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Customers may require additional support above and beyond platform deployment and ongoing operations. Openbridge offers expert service for development, consulting, or subject matter expertise based on customers' requirements.

Our expert services allow a customer team can interact with the Openbridge to support custom implementation requirements. Examples of additional support services;

  • Proof Of Concepts (POC): Assist your teams in creating PoC's for data visualizations, system integrations, or analytical tool selection

  • Advanced Query Building and Data Modeling: Professional services support to help you author complex queries or define new sets of custom summaries or aggregated tables

  • Systems Integration: Develop customized integrations for proprietary or unique systems. This may include tailoring the platform to meet specific campaign, CRM, Loyalty, etc. program requirements

  • Custom ETL and/or ELT: Data integration analytics and design between one or more disparate data sources as well as help develop tailored data processing topologies base on your requirements

  • Custom API and Data Sources: Any customized data feeds can be integrated into the platform, based on the requirements of the source system

Timing and Costs

Timing and costs vary for services depending on the specifics of each customer request. For example, internal client databases may have specific security and data retention policies that would need to be cared for.

We would partner with you to review each source and provide an assessment on the relative ease or complexity of integration

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