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Enterprise Plans
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An Enterprise plan is designed for businesses that generate large amounts of data, require more sophisticated data integrations, need invoiced billing, third-party partner integrations, or require a professional services agreement.

Enterprise Plans And Third-Party Partner Integrations

With our Enterprise Plan, you get access to a customized set of managed third-party partner integrations. Our managed data provided (MDP) service consolidates multiple third-party systems into our core offering which includes technical, billing, management, maintenance, and support.

Manged partner integrations are available to customers based on specific integration requirements and partner terms. Partner terms cover usage and any per-unit pricing they employ which may impact the contract terms.

Third-Party Partner Pricing

Pricing third-party partner integrations vary according to each vendor’s own plans and policies. There are three types of plans typically offered by third-party vendors:

  • Flat Rate — Flat rate pricing charges a set fee on a monthly or yearly basis.

  • Per-Unit — “Per-unit” pricing plans charge a set fee on either a monthly or yearly basis for a unit you specify. A “unit” may be a user, compute, row, spend levels, server, records, or integrations class

Note: Unfortunately, variations in third-party contract terms and policies do not allow for free trials. As such, we can not offer free trial periods for Enterprise connectors.

What Else Is Included In Enterprise Plans?

In addition to third-party partner integrations, enterprise plans also offer customers customized invoice billing, dedicated support, advanced configurations, bulk subscriptions, and volume discounts. You also receive significant discounts for Openbridge integrations and preferred pricing from partners.

  • Preferred Pricing

  • Product Roadmap Briefings

  • Priority Support

  • Custom Service Level Agreements or Master Service Level Agreements

  • Custom Integrations and Deployments (Professional services fees apply to custom integration work)

Enterprise customers also have access to consolidated billing which is perfect for more complex purchasing operations within larger companies.

Consolidated Billing Across Multiple Third-Party Accounts

With consolidated billing, Openbridge simplifies budgeting and billing for charges incurred across all of your third-party accounts. It gives you more control over your disparate accounts with the following benefits:

  • Invoiced Billing — Third-party charges invoiced to your accounts payable team

  • One Bill — You get one bill for your Openbridge and third-party accounts which can often simplify procurement and purchasing with Openbridge as the single point of contact billing.

  • Easy Tracking — All charges are organized into a single monthly or yearly invoice.

  • Combined Usage — Take advantage of reduced pricing and discounts because Openbridge combines usage from all accounts in the organization to qualify you for volume pricing discounts from various third-party integrators.

Enterprise customers get invoiced according to an agreed-upon billing schedule as outlined in your Enterprise Agreement.

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